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Over the past few years airport security has become an ever more serious issue. Aviation enthusiasts who frequent airport perimeter areas can easily been viewed as suspicious persons. We respect that our airports must be safe and secure from criminal elements. Aviation enthusiasts, often referred to as “spotters,” have a vast knowledge of day-to-day activities at the airport and can often recognize if something or someone is out of sort. With this is mind we have created the YYZ Airport Watch, a dedicated volunteer group of aviation enthusiasts who will Observe, Record, and Report any suspicious activity to authorities while we participate in our favourite past-time. Airport Watch is much like the well-known Neighbourhood Watch program. A dedicated and organized group such as ours offers airport authorities additional eyes and ears; enthusiasts in turn have a means by which to be recognized. Airport Watch also provides a line of communication between airport authorities and enthusiasts allowing both sides to discuss each others concerns and create a safe and organized environment.

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