Accessing the Members Only Areas

Welcome to the new YYZ Airport Watch website.  The new format. although retaining the basic look and field of the legacy site, provides more opportunity to interact with YOU the member in a  safe secure manner.

To access the members only functions it is necessary to sign on. On the left side of each page you will find a menu.


Click on MEMBER LOGIN and follow the prompts


Your Username is your membership number i.e. APWM999 (uppercase letters and 3 digits – no spaces)

Your Password, which can be changed and should be is your last name and the 3 digits of your membership  number i.e. Boeing999 (first letter capital – no spaces)

Click on the remember me if you’re using a personal machine – do not choose this option if on a public computer.

You can change your profile and your password using the links.

If you have problems, send a message to the administrator.