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Upcoming event – CAHS Dinner Sunday May 1

From John Bertrand:

I am sending out this “Last Chance” flyer to anyone who may not yet have heard about the very special annual dinner meeting being held this May 1st by the Toronto Chapter of the Canadian Aviation Historical Society..

This year, TWO guests will be in attendance to show and discuss examples of their work, and each gentleman has some extremely impressive work to discuss…


But since it would now be cutting it too close to try and mail in a cheque + a printed form, if you’d like to reserve a last-minute spot please send me a reply at (or call 416-702-2486), or better still, contact Sheldon Benner (who’s overseeing the total guest list and meal selections) at 416-923-3414 (e-mail:

If you are considering attending, don’t delay — since the final tally for food and seating has to be confirmed in advance.