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As of early 2007 the Airport Watch Committee have established new procedures to accommodate those interested in joining the YYZ Airport Watch. We will now have two yearly sign up meetings, these will take place (one each) in the spring and fall. As our group does not have permanent office space, organizing and accommodating meetings for this purpose has been difficult to arrange on a regular basis. Those who wish to submit an application for membership and agree to and meet the requirements, can do so below. Please read the following carefully. The next sign up meeting will be in Spring 2015.

The YYZ Airport Watch program is for serious aviation enthusiasts who spend a fair amount of time at Pearson Airport. Those looking for a free parking pass or the casual observer are discouraged from applying. At this time membership is restricted to residents 18 years of age and older who reside in the greater Toronto area. Those who apply for membership must first FULLY complete and submit the form below. Upon receipt of your application you will receive an acknowledgement e-mail and be required to reply to our questionnaire which will be e-mailed to you at that time. If we do not receive a reply to our questionnaire in a timely fashion, we will NOT follow up with you and your application will be discarded. Once you have met the application requirements you will then have to complete the items listed below at the sign up meeting. Membership status is granted ONLY when the following have been completed and approved. Note recent applicants have applied seemingly only for the purpose of receiving a jacket, cap or t-shirt. We do not have any of these items left and future orders of these will be paid for by the member themselves.

$20.00 membership fee
Membership photo for YYZ Airport Watch ID
GTAA “Disclosure of Information” Form
Police Criminal Records Form  NOTE: New applicants are now required to know at least 2 current members that will sponsor you. Please list their names in the comments box. 

For more information on the membership requirements above, click here.
Membership Application
Enter your first name (this should be the name that appears on your official documents)
Enter your last name (this should be the name that appears on your official documents
A number we can reach you at
i.e. 1954 Ford Edsel
Include the name(s) of current airport watch members if applicable.