Our Mandate

To enhance security of the outer perimeter of Lester B. Pearson International Airport (LBPIA). Forming the core of the program is a group of volunteers (aircraft enthusiasts) that will enhance security for the outer perimeter of the airport property while we enjoy our hobby. Recognized by the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA), Peel Regional Police, and the R.C.M.P, volunteers of the YYZ Airport Watch program will Observe, Record and Report any suspicious activity to airport Security Operations Centre (SOC) or other appropriate airport authorities. All members of the YYZ Airport Watch have undergone a police record check.


The YYZ Airport Watch members are volunteers and operate independently from any official security activity. The members do not have any authority, either under the airport authority or any police or security organization, to take action on their own accord should suspicious activity be observed. They will be identified as members of the YYZ Airport Watch Program by an issued membership card. The membership card does not constitute any authority, it is only a means to identify membership in the program. The membership card is to be shown on reasonable demand by any person in authority. The card remains the property of the YYZ Airport Watch program and can be revoked on request. Airport Watch members do not have access to any restricted areas of the airport unless pre-approved and escorted by accredited personnel.

Key Outcomes

Enhanced security for the outer perimeter of the airport property, similar to the “Neighbourhood Watch” program.Observe, record and report any suspicious activity.The duties could expand to include other sectors of the airport complex including cargo and passenger ramp areas. This portion of the program can be partnered with Canada Customs and Crime Stoppers as part of a smuggling enforcement program.

The YYZ Airport Watch program at Lester B. Pearson Int’l Airport is modelled after the Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier Int’l Airport Watch. The Ottawa Airport Watch program is recognized by the RCMP as a “Best Practice” program, and as such has formed the basis for similar initiatives now under way at Calgary and Vancouver international airports. The Ottawa Airport Watch program has also been recognized by the (former) Minister of Transport David Collenette as the runner up with “Honourable Mention” in the 2002 Safety Awards. In 2003, the program was recognized by the Canadian Owners’ and Pilots’ Association (COPA) with a “Good Show” award.

Other duties such as those outlined in a neighborhood watch program can be adopted. Visits to local airport businesses such as FBOs (Fixed-Base Operator) and cargo service providers can be made by local airport police personnel to remind managers of the need for effective and appropriate airport security, etc. This could include educating them on the advantages of the Airport Watch program. In so doing, members of the Airport Watch program can be more readily identified when viewing aircraft near security perimeters which may be adjacent to said operations.

Communication amongst our members with airport and security authorities.

Recognition and understanding of our hobby.

Airport Watch members, if agreements have been made, can identify themselves to personnel at FBOs and other airport businesses and operations if they wish to photograph / view a specific aircraft parked on their respective tarmacs. There is no requirement by FBOs and others to permit any access to visitors including Airport Watch members. This is a privilege and is done at their discretion. However, by identifying themselves, Airport Watch members are promoting the program and ensuring that permission can be granted to photograph an aircraft while ensuring satisfaction of FBO operators and their clients.

Member Roles & Responsibilities

To provide surveillance around the airport property while enjoying our hobby.To report any safety or security concerns to the Security Operations Centre (SOC) of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority. This can include, but is not limited to: Foreign Object Damage (FOD) within the perimeter that can be a possible risk to aircraft; wildlife near operating aircraft, suspicious persons / activity near the perimeter, unsecured gates and fencing, aircraft in danger by any of the above, or by an observed mechanical malfunction.Assist in enhancing safety and security at Lester B. Pearson Int’l Airport.

Attend meetings and training sessions when available.

To provide suggestions to improve the YYZ Airport Watch and the national program.

To be an ambassador of Lester B. Pearson Int’l Airport and to respect existing airport rules and regulations.

To promote the National Airport Watch program modelled on the Ottawa Airport Watch program.