Membership Requirements

New Applicant Sponsors

In order to help identify new applicants as serious enthusiasts, the Committee have implemented new rules on potential applicants.  You will be required to have have two current members send us an e-mail confirming they know you.  Recently we've had applicants say they know some of our members. In our follow up with the members, we find that they don't actually know the applicant.  This procedure is not to create an elitist group, but rather give us some level of security in that only serious enthusiasts are applying.  We have had a few persons apply who state they really want to join the group but fail to show up at the sign up meetings never to be heard from again.

Why a Membership Fee?

In order to promote, and maintain the YYZ Airport Watch there have been and will continue to be associated costs. These costs include promotional materials,  permanent ID cards, dashboard banners, stationary and office supplies for Airport Watch correspondence just to name a few.

Membership Photo - ID Card

At the sign up meeting we will take your photo, this will then be used for the permanent laminated ID card that will be issued to each member upon completion and approval of the membership process.  Airport Watch ID is to be presented along with your regular identification upon request by authorities. We will maintain a high level of vigilance over the distribution of ID cards and they do remain the property of the Airport Watch.

Disclosure of Information Form

The Airport Watch committee have made arrangements with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) to have our members information added to their database.  The purpose for this is strictly to confirm a persons membership in our group and allow them to further identify our members.  In order for us to provide this information to the GTAA, we require each person to sign this form giving us permission to share the information with them.. Rest assured your personal information will not be shared or given to anyone else. By providing the GTAA access to this information, it  will allow their security personal to radio in a members name and obtain positive identification.

Police Criminal Records Search

At the request of Peel Regional Police, all potential members must submit to a Police Records Search.  These are conducted by the RCMP.  Anyone who fails to submit this form and/or whose form is not approved by Police will not be granted membership. Recent applicants who hold security clearance by way of their employment within the aviation industry have asked whether they must complete this process.  The simple answer is, YES. We realize it may seem redundant, but these are the procedures that have been mandated.

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