Who We Are

Who is YYZ Airport Watch?

Formed in April of 2004, YYZ Airport Watch is a volunteer organization comprised of local aviation enthusiasts. Our group was established to promote airport security, educate airport tenants and the public about our hobby, and create an organized means by which to participate in our favorite past time. Often seen around the perimeter of Lester B. Pearson International Airport (YYZ) with cameras, radios, binoculars, and note books in hand, members of the YYZ Airport Watch have a true passion for all things aviation. Hand in hand with this is the vast knowledge our members have of not only aviation, but the day to day operations at the airport. Members spend much of their leisure time watching and photographing aircraft, noting which particular aircraft are operating which flights. Believe it or not, aviation enthusiasm is big business. An entire industry has been created to cater to the needs of the enthusiast. Aviation hobby shops the world over stock and supply specialty items such as airline fleet books, airband radio receivers, & aeronautical charts to name a few. The thrill of witnessing an aircraft soar overhead, close enough to almost touch, is an experience unto itself.

Quick Facts

Current membership (as of January 2010) is 137

All current members have had police record checks – this is mandatory for membership

All members have been issued a photo ID card which is to be carried with them while at YYZ

Many of our members have also received “Airport Watch” caps and jackets which helps identify them to authorities

Membership is restricted to Canadian residents 18 years of age and older who reside in the GTA and surrounding area

YYZ Airport Watch is recognized by and works closely with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, Peel Regional Police, & R.C.M.P