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R.I.P Christer Sundberg

Torstar 20000815 Sundberg.s

It is with a degree of sadness we have to report the recent passing of our most senior YYZ Airport Watch member. Christer Sundberg was a good friend and an original member of Airport Watch since 2004, and is very much missed.  He was a proud member of the group, and almost every month racked up the highest ‘hours spent’ reported total of any of our members.  Although he was retired, he considered Airport Watch his job, and spent about 5 or 6 hours a day at YYZ spotting (and sometimes napping!), usually at the north end or the infield. His totals were very impressive, usually logging over 100 hours a month, a fact very much appreciated by our official partners at Peel Regional Police and the GTAA.  Chris had an amazing wit and sense of humour, and although he had a lot of health problems in recent years, he never seemed to let it get him down. He often complained about plants growing too high on the airside of the fence, and obstructing his view, and whenever the airport authority got around to cutting them down, he justifiably took credit for it!  We hope he has an even better vantage point for spotting where he is now!  Our condolences go out to his daughter Anita and Christer’s family and friends.

Here is the note from Anita:

Hi, I am contacting you regarding my father Christer Sundberg.  I just wanted to let you know that he recently passed away at the age of 86.  He was a long time member of airport watch and it meant the world to him.  I know that he spent many hours, days and years at the airport and he loved it.  I don’t know if you know that he was in the Toronto Star on August 15th of 2000.   I am his daughter and we lived together.  I know that someone would call and ask for his hours.  Thank-you for allowing him to spend his days at the airport it really kept him going.   Sincerely, Anita Sundberg

Annual General Meeting

Greetings YYZ Airport Watch Membership.

As previously mentioned in the December general message, It’s time for the YYZ Airport Watch Annual General Meeting.  Please plan on attending this Saturday February 7th at 10:00.  As usual, it will take place at the GTAA Airport Emergency Support Centre (AESC) at 2935 Convair Drive (Directions are in attached pdf documents.), commencing at 10:00.  We recommend arriving early, approximately 09:30 or so in order to get signed in.

Please remember to bring your old ID card, and $10.00 annual renewal fee (NOTE, if you have a friend who is a member that cannot attend, you may renew on their behalf by bringing $10.00 and their old card).  The meeting will be approximately 2 hours long, possibly with GTAA / PRP / IAWA officials speaking, as well as The YYZAW committee comments and reports.  Plans are in the works for an interesting guest speaker.

If you cannot attend the meeting, Membership may be renewed after the fact, instructions will be sent out after the meeting.


YYZ Airport Watch Committee